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    "It's never too late to set a new goal, or to dream a new dream." - C.W. Lewis


    Did you know that Bruce Lee has a foundation?

    "Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Wiling is not enough. We must do." Bruce Lee

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    Are you ready to reset this Fall and get FIT? Let's go! Welcome. I'm taking action and encouraging others who have been yearning or wanting to do so in a "Bootcamp" style to consider to do so too. What is your objective in fitness? Please feel free to share in the comments below? I, Style...
    I just put in an order to wear some "Dragon" Bruce Lee swag! How powerful do I feel knowing that I can carry on the energy of the immortal martial artists who has paved the way for Asians to be respected around the world. I found myself listening to the "Bruce Lee Podcast" and it's jam packed...
    September 18, 2018
    Kyäni Nitro and Nitro Xtreme contain extract from the morinda citrifolia plant, commonly known as Noni. Noni extract has been shown to increase the production of Nitric Oxide in the body. More than 100,000 scientific papers have been written about the effects of Nitric Oxide within the body,...
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    Faith without works is like a boat on dry land. So get in the driver seat and set your sails to win!

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    The Story of Style!

    Fashions comes and go, but Style is forever!

    Style Versatile is recruiting a team committed to creating the best interdependent brand possible.

    Since Style was a young teenager, he’s been into fashion and it’s ability to help express oneself and perhaps transcend.


    But more importantly, everybody has a story to be shared, and choosing what you wear surely gives clues to what you are about, right? Culturally people have patterns of fashion that makes them stand out with style. Let us celebrate who we are and where you are from and never lose that essence.


    Style Versatile is collaborating with beautiful products, services and platforms that ensues clarity synced with sanity for matters we desperately want solved or resolved. Issues such as eco energy for environmental disparities or lack of basic human needs of something simple as clean water access. We know the world hurts in it’s challenging ways, but what if we could address problems of global warming with our sensibilities of purchasing while giving back? We believe this is the step in the right direction.


    Items and or services purchased via Style Versatile’s platform will be a conduit of growing a colorful and conscious community. It will also spark attention giving peace of mind to such organizations that will benefit their progress as well. We thank you in advance for giving your conscious dollars to causes that you consciously care about.


    Style invites you to join this journey to build a community we are proud of – one that stands the test of time.


    "Life is like a camera, capture the good times, focus on what's important, develop from the negative; and if things don't work out... take a mother shot!"

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    ***** "SV totally knew this town and took us through all the lovely parts of Portland. Thank you!"



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