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Apple iPhone XR "New Era of Photography."

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This New iPhone XR is X'plosively Beautiful!

It's a LCD display that goes edge to edge! Bigger display than the 8 Plus S, yet with on a smaller design! Say whattt!??? The camera can do a "Bokeh" after taking the picture. Meaning you can change the aperture focus and have huge piece of mind to get the exact blur background shot that you want. (Advance Bokeh Depth Technology) ABDT

The ability to do the with a regular camera lens cost 2x-3x more than the phone alone, huge value!

It has a "Haptic Touch", (I don't even know how to do that yet) I can't believe what's all happening with the advancements. I know this, I'm looking forward to capturing many amazing moments with the camera!

There's just so much bells and whistles! Another note is that the battery life... it has a hour and a half more than your iPhone 8 Plus. Need I say more?

Learn more at

What re you favorite new features?

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